Doing sales in the USA

- From a Swedish perspective

US is perhaps the greatest of all markets.  The American market is where even niche products can have a potential huge market in dollars. Virtually all successful companies ends up here. So should you.

By saying this, it should be clear that it may sound easy, and it is, if you know how to do it.

This is a quick overview of perhaps the most important steps to take when starting up sales in the US.  All this is from a sales operations and marketing perspective - how and where to get started. This is not from a lawyer or accountants perspective - this will add another layer of to-do's - though they are very important and we always recommend seeking professional help where it is needed.


You think you know how to do sales in the USA?

Unless you have many years of living in the US and working for a US company in sales - I would say you most likely do not have the knowledge how business is made in the US.  There are differences, cultural as well as financial, many of them hard to understand unless you have been here yourself.

There are many examples of new overseas (European, Asian) products and services, even from large publicly traded companies, that are not fully Americanized when they hit the American market. A large company may be able to afford a fix, but for a smaller startup, it could be the difference between a success and failure.

Doing your research together with a US based team is worth every penny.


A few assumptions

You most likely don't have any "major" direct sales in the US (If you do, then you may have other US tax/accounting issues that needs to be fixed asap). You probably don't have a US office, any partners/resellers/agents that make any big sales (if any). But you may have interest and leads or requests from US potential customers.