How we can help You

Copper Tree Technologies offers a full service “Virtual Sales Office” package with the services you need, when you need it.  We have done this dozens of times for many different companies, and we know by experience how to get your sales and marketing up and running in a proven and cost effective way.

Market Research – before you start

You can do a lot of research from your home office, but you really need to be on site, at your target location, to get the full story.  What competition can you expect?  Who are they?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?  We can help you collect the information you need, schedule your first meetings, and attend meetings together with you.

Establishing sales in USA and Canada

North America – USA and Canada – is the worlds largest market. Even small ‘niche’ products and services have huge potential. There are many practical things you need to consider before starting up – this is where we can help you get established quickly and successfully.

North America and the USA has many time zones – California is 9 hours behind from Central Europe.  How do you do provide support or answer business questions when your customers are calling you during your night hours?  A local contact and support is vital for a successful deployment.

Hiring your own full time staff is expensive and can be really hard, it also requires a local US company with all its administration. It is usually very difficult and expensive to find your first employee – your key person. Copper Tree Technologies can be that first person, your virtual full time sales contact, to quickly start up your business, until you can hire your own employees - with minimal risk.

Developing a strong and successful US Sales Strategy

There are many questions to consider when developing your US sales strategy.  Should you use one or multiple local sales reps? Direct sales? Online sales? Re-sellers and distributors?  A combination of sales channels? What works best? What are the risks? How can you best manage and train your sales channels? What legal agreements will you need? What are the US Tax requirements? What else need to be considered as you establish yourself in the US market?

Getting your sales going

We can help you with the whole sales process or parts of it; from generating new leads, establishing your sales pipeline, following up on existing leads, leading sales meetings (face to face or online meetings). We have extensive experience managing re-sellers and distributors, your local sales team, as well as direct sales. We can help you to become successful and get the traction you need.

Smart Marketing

Sales needs efficient marketing that is adapted to the US market. Your sales and marketing material, including your web and social media, most likely needs to be ‘Americanized’ to work efficiently.  US made marketing material can with advantage be used almost everywhere else internationally, but non-US made material, even if in English, may not work as well in the US & Canada.  The importance of good US made and adapted sales and marketing material should not be ignored and can be the difference between failure and success.

There are more conferences and expos then you can ever attend.  We can help you select the most suitable events, organize and plan for the event, staff your exhibition, and help you get the most out of the investment, such as scheduling customer meetings in advance and help you secure speaking slots.

Support for your Customers

Local product and service support is as important as ‘Americanized’ sales and marketing material.  Support also needs to be ‘Americanized’. A local ‘US’ phone number on your website, with someone promptly answering and returning your customer calls. Copper Tree Technologies can work as a ‘proxy’ for your support.

Operations and Administration

When business is starting to take off, you may need to set up a US entity (Inc. or LLC), opening a bank account to receive payments (electronically and checks), setting up accounting and more. We have the practical experience to make this process easy, and guide you through the process.

Setting up a local office, perhaps a virtual office, hiring people, training and managing new employees on a distance is not easy. We can be your part time office manager to help you run your business and keep things in place.

Why Boston?

Boston is located on the east coast of USA, just north of New York, and only second to Silicon Valley in technology and Venture Capital.  Only a six hour time difference to Europe means that you can have at least two to three hours of meetings with your US team during your regular office hours.

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