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NBC News: San Francisco Bay Area Cost of Living Insanely Expensive

The high cost of living in the Bay Area is forcing companies to look for talent in other places, or pay a high premium to find and keep its employees. With a small studio apartment rentals costing more than $3,000 a month, in combination with other high living costs, is driving up the costs of employees to extreme levels.

An income of $105,000 a year is today considered low income, a staggering number, that forces people to move and look for a living in other cities.

Boston and Cambridge best city to work in?

New research: Best States in America to live and work in

In a recent ranking of best US states to live and work in, Massachusetts comes out as first and New Hampshire in second place. US News has used thousands of data points to rank how the states are performing for their citizens, such as public infrastructure, economics, jobs, education/universities, crime, available healthcare and much, much more. With world leading universities such as MIT and Harvard, hundreds of startups and spinoffs attracts leading venture capital firms and talent, creating thousands of new jobs and strengthening the local economy. You can read more about the ranking here.

Fireside chat with Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences

In an event organized by SACC-NE, we had a very interesting fireside chat with Professor Bengt Holmstrom, winner of 2016 Nobel Price in Economic Sciences. The chat included everything from bank-crisis to healthcare coverage and how the design of an agreement can impact in ways that are hard to predict. Read more about the event here.

Preparing to Expand in the US

Preparing to Expand in the US

Perhaps the only way to know if your product really is ready for business in USA is to test drive it with your first US customers.  You will want to know what your competitors are up to, who they are and what pricing strategies they have.  Make sure you have a separate business plan for the USA – it is more important than you may think.  You need to properly identify potential customers and what their need really is. Read more here.

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