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About us

Copper Tree Technologies is a full-service sales and support consultant that serves technology companies looking to establish a strong footprint in the United States and North America.  Located in Boston, only second to Silicon Valley in technology and venture capital, we provide professional services that give effective exposure and achieve sales within the company’s relevant market space.


Why Boston?

Boston was ranked #1 innovative city in 2009, has a large community of management, and a well educated workforce. With over 75 universities in the area, including top schools like Harvard, MIT, Boston University, University of Massachusetts and Babson. There are over 250,000 students in Boston and Cambridge alone.

The New England area is the 2nd largest venture capital region in the world, with over $2.5 billion invested in 2010.

Boston is also the shortest distance to Europe, with only 6 hour time difference to Central Europe.  You can remain easily connnected with your US office and staff during your normal office hours.



Copper Tree Technologies is owned and managed by Ronnie Lindgren.  Ronnie has more than 20 years of international sales and marketing experience. He was worked with numerous companies,  establishing successful businesses in the Americas, as well as in Europe and Asia. With a background in Technology and the know-how experience to start up business in an economical and efficient way, he has successfully established sales in more than 20 countries worldwide.